About us

DEF (Shanghai) Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded by DEF network in 2006, which is a wholly French held company. Our main business is fire protection equipment and system designed by DEF network and relevant hardware and software, including various detector, control panels, etc. The company works continuously on developing DEF brand products in China, offering fire protection solution, technical support and service, and providing customers with fire safety and security. 
Mr LECUYER, the founder of DEF network, invented a new fire detection way - air sampling deteciton in 1956 after several years’ hard working, which is the beginning of proactive detection in the field of fire detection. The next year, Mr LECUYER founded Détection Electronique Française, which is the earliest company focused on fire protection and works continuously in this domain. After half of century’s development, DEF turns to be the biggest fire protection equipment company. In the meantime, DEF becomes a well-known brand in France, in Europe and all over the world.
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