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Visio DEF 3D

VisioDEF 3D is a software designed and developed by DEF. Its role is to supervise domains of fire detection, safety, emergency exits and safety sound systems. It supports multi-user operation.

It is associated with the Forte Mezzo 2 and Antares IV power stations as UAE (Operations Support Unit).

Interface permits navigation in three levers of use : Site and 3D buildings, plans.

In operation the location is simplified by a principle of navigation stickers.

Software supervises the actual site, the site data come directly from the fire detection systems DEF. The events on the new points are detected in the same way as the points already supervised.

It is compatible with Autocad, but it also allows an implementation from Bitmap, vector or AutoCAD plans.

The operator can autonomously and reactively update the site. The site update is fast.

VisioDEF 3D is professional in graph of sites’ different conditions.

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