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The manual alarm triggers of this series are in the form of a red plastic housing generally protruding. They are available in "conventional" (DMOCL) or "addressable" (DMOA) versions.

A simple press on the center frame of the release releases a contact whose status change generates an alarm and activates the red led in the center of the front panel of the trip unit. The presence of the yellow keypad on the front of the trigger makes it possible to visualize its status. The trigger can then be reset with a special key, simply by moving ¼ turn.

Equipped with their protective flap, it will be possible, without mechanical action on the maneuvering area, to trigger the alarm state with the "CTDM" test tool. The frame "PEDM" will allow to insert them in an electric pot standard Ø 60mm.

These products also incorporate a short-circuit isolator on the DI line.

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